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Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Robert Springer, a content marketing writer with more than 10 years experience creating the content that makes businesses like yours grow.

I write frequently about tech, science and real estate. I’ve written about everything from the science of making whiskey barrels to why the collaboration tool Slack is overtaking email.

Before turning to freelance writing, I worked in the finance, entertainment and tech industries. Business writing is in my DNA. And before that, journalism school taught me the value of research and asking the right questions.

Are you feeling stuck with your content? I can help.

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Select samples of my work

The Landscaper Turned Real Estate Investor

This post looks at how real estate investors have influenced fellow investors – and how the act of influencing changes both parties.


Can Big Data Make You a Better Publisher?

Content publishers use big data to publish content their users want to see when they want to see it.


How Will Technology Impact the Future of Healthcare?

The signs point to better, faster, cheaper and more personalized medicine.


Hydropower’s Untapped Potential

Generating power from just a few dozen more of the country’s 84,000 dams would provide a great deal of clean, renewable electricity.


The Race for a Reusable Rocket

Reusable rockets would be cheaper and faster.


Collaboration Tools Are Challenging E-Mail: Here’s How

Email’s rank may be in jeopardy as a new generation of enterprise collaboration tools gain converts.


Smart Grids: Smarter Solutions for a More Efficient Future 

We’re making progress towards a more intelligent energy grid, and more reliable and less expensive power is on the horizon.


Predictive Analytics: Staying Ahead of Your Customers

Other industries have used predictive analytics for years – now content marketers and publishers are discovering its rewards.


Carbon-Capturing Microcapsules Could Aid Fight Against Global Warming

Innovative semi-permeable capsules permanently sequester carbon from power plant smokestacks.


Lessons from the Real “Mad Men”

Don Draper had nothing on the original Mad Men.


Solid Advice for Beginning Real Estate Investors

New to real estate investing? Read this.


Utility Scale Solar Power on the Rise

Special report in Power Engineering magazine on the state of utility-scale solar in the U.S.


Cloud Computing vs SaaS

Why people get them confused.


Media & Entertainment Trends: More Change!

Mobile, personalization and the Internet of Things will be trending for media & entertainment companies.


Today’s Partisan Times Are Not Unique: A Look at Early Texas

The early Texas Republic needed a jack-of-all-trades. It found one in Thomas Jefferson Rusk.



Kind words from clients

Robert Springer is an editor’s dream-come-true. He is an excellent reporter as well as writer who delivers work that meets all the basic tenets of good journalism: fair, balanced, accurate—plus comprehensive and understandable. He was one of my top “go-to” writers for the nationally distributed magazine where I was editor-in-chief. Robert always made sure he understood the assignment, and I had no worries he would turn in top-notch, clean copy—and usually well ahead of deadline. I recommend him without hesitation for any writing assignment you might have.

Linda Wienandt
Former Editor-in-Chief, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine and Think Realty Magazine

Robert wrote for me and IEEE Engineering360. He produced well-crafted copy on deadline and across a range of topics for our audience of engineers. He was high on my go-list of contributors, and I only stopped using him because of shifting budget priorities internal to my organization.

David Wagman
Editorial Director
Engineering360 at
IEEE GlobalSpec


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